Residential / Energy Savings

Save energy, save money

Lennox offers the ENERGY STAR® program for the U.S. government that guides homeowners and businesses toward purchases that save energy and help the environment.

In addition, Lennox offers these energy saving benefits and innovations:

Planned maintenance can result in energy savings

A maintenance agreement with Jerry’s Sheet Metal can help you reduce the cost of heating and cooling your home or business. Planned maintenance helps to keep your HVAC equipment in top operating condition, thus reducing energy consumption. Jerry’s Sheet Metal’s maintenance program includes such procedures as cleaning all heat transfer surfaces, changing filters, and calibrating your equipment to operate at peak performance.

Proper functioning equipment means money in your pocket. This program provides the manufacturers recommended maintenance for your equipment, reducing equipment failures. It will also increase the life expectancy of your equipment over that of improperly maintained equipment. Contact us today for your maintenance plan!

Save Energy, Save Money.

Live comfortably and lower your energy costs with Lennox® ENERGY STAR®-qualified systems and energy-saving, smart thermostats.

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